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From the Clubs to the Cam – Miss Kashmer

Miss Kasmer at Filipina Webcams
From the clubs of Angeles City, Philippines to the cams, this model is one horny and experienced young Filipina model.

When I ran across this gorgeous Asian model at http://www.filipinawebcams.com/performer.php?model_id=128668  I knew in a second I had to take her to private chat.   She recently worked at an Angeles City, Philippine club called Club Atlantis, a high end club with lots of beautiful Filipina’s for hire.   She is one ultra hot model, with a spectacular body, and penchant for hardcore cam sex.

The picture only show the body, but it’s her sexual energy once you hit the private button that is out of this world.   She instantly knows that you are her “paying” customer, no different then the bars, and wants to satisfy your every need.  It’s almost as if she knows you’ll come back for more later.

She is a small 5 foot in height, about 87 pound of unadulterated pure Philippine sexiness.  She has a tiny little ass, small yet supple breasts, and a shaved pussy that will drive any man’s cock to orgasm.  Seeing that tiny ass of hers on cam, upright and ready to fuck is incredible.  She’ll stick a couple fingers in it if you ask her.  She’ll oblige by taking out her large vibrating dildo and do the same.

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Here’s what she looks like out at the clubs in Angeles City, Philippines when she isn’t working online.
Ms. Kasmere is one beautiful Filipina model with a body that will surely please you in private chat.


Philippine Street Walker picked up near Nino Aquino Airport

Althea’s usual spot is near the car rental area of Nino Aquino Airport, or Manila International Airport in Manila, Philippines.  She hangs outside, waiting for long distances travelers looking for a quick first welcome fuck when they come to the Philippines for pleasure or business.  She usually scores on almost every flight that comes into the Philippines, because of her low asking price of 500 peso’s.

The Trike Patrol heard about some of the clubs near the airport, but were amazed to find an entire batch of new street walkers, perusing the side walks near the car rental areas of the airport.   When driving by, the saw Althea, and stopped.  Like clock work, she jumped in the trike and went back to the hotel room.

Althea’s had a tough life, having a couple babies, boyfriend not working and walking away from the responsibilities, so she’s forced to sell her body for sex on the streets of Manila.   The horny Trike Patrol perverts don’t care, as they hell bent horny tourists only want the pussy.  Althea agrees to sex on video, and she gets it going for the guys with a nice sensual blowjob.   She jumps on top of the cock, bareback of course, no really caring about another baby or about a disease.  She just needs the cash.   The cock feels so good inside her, and she pumps harder and harder during the shoot.

Her tits are a bit saggy, and there are some stretch marks on her belly that indicate she’s had children.   However, are trike patrol pervert fucks away, his cock feeling good in her tight little hole, and ready to blow his load inside her.  At the last minute, this experienced hooker pulls her pussy off the cock, and goes down on it with her mouth to gobble up the cum.  She knows she doesn’t want this perverts cum inside her.  God knows where his dick has been?

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Tits and Ass and lots of Oil

Watching Lucious on webcam at www.FilipinaWebcams.com is a treat for any viewer.  Her body is a perfect collection of round robust breasts and lots of hips made for fucking.   She is the perfect model to spend an evening with, watching her play with herself, and treat you to a good cam show.

In this video, Lucious plays with her pussy while rubbing her huge round tits.  They are near perfection with nice large nipples, bigger and better than most Filipina’s.   Her pussy of course is shaved, wet and ready to receive her fingers for play.  Sticking her rear end up for the camera, we notice that her bum is nicely proportioned.  She has some junk in her trunk and not afraid to flaunt it.

I like cam girls like Lucious as she gets out the oil, which I find erotic in every single way, and rubs it all over her body.  Watching the breasts turn from dry brown to a glimmering brown from the oil, make we want to go out and buy some oil and bring a Filipina home to oil up the same way.

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The Perfect Asian Bargirl Pussy Creampied

Kai Nee is the latest of many young Thai women who have fucked on camera for the site Tuk Tuk Patrol.  This new Thai porn site features a foreign sex tourist, roaming around Bangkok on a Tuk Tuk (motorcycle taxi) picking up young Thai beauties and fucking them senseless back at the hotel room.  Kai Nee is a beautiful catch, and a perfect Asian Bargirl to watch fuck on video.

Like many Thai girls who work at clubs, soapy massage parlors, or at escort agencies in Bangkok, Kai-Nee was walking back to her place of employment late in the afternoon.   Girls like Kai Nee take public transportation, so you can meet girls like her walking to work around 5:00 or 6:00pm usually.   That’s exactly what the Tuk Tuk Patrol did, and they scored this beauty, who agreed to come back for sex at their apartment.

Kai Nee is simply “devine”, a perfect young Asian bargirl with a perfect ass and shaved wet pussy that craves hard cock.  Watching girls like Kai Nee fuck is amazing, as she sensually works over our foreign sex tourist.  He finger fucks her, dick fucks her bareback, then cums in her pussy.  The creampie action will leave you whacking off to your computer after you see this video.

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Asian Sex Diary – New Site – New Asian Girls

The makers of Trike Patrol and Filipina Sex Diary have extended their reach throughout Southeast Asia to bring some of the hottest Asian porn to the web.   Asian Sex Diary is a spin off of Filipina Sex Diary, a sex travel website that features Southeast Asian prostitutes performing hardcore XXX in front of the camera.   Instead of just Filipina bargirls and Thai hookers fucking, you now have Japanese prostitutes, Korean girls, Indonesian babes and Chinese girls fucking on video.   It’s a great site with updated content weekly.

The first content they’ve listed is rehashed content from their anchor site Filipina Sex Diary.   They featured this week some of the girls from the past they’ve fucked.  On the tours, they’ve added girls from Japan as well, showing the sex tourism in Japan is still hot and active.   I personally didn’t know you could pick up hookers in Japan in areas where brothels are legally run.  You’ll find all that action on Asian Sex Diary.

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