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Asian Sex Diary presents – Pimped out Pinay Jenny

When you are a sex tourist and need pussy every night, word of mouth is usually the best way to find it.   John gave the girl on the right a finders fee to bring over Jenny, the girl on the left.   She takes her out to dinner with him first, then takes her back to his hotel room.

Jenny knows what is going to happen, as her friend, and pimp, has fucked John on camera multiple times for cash.  This time Jenny gets to become the pornstar, fucking John Tron perfectly for her first time doing porn.  She is an amazing looking Philippine teen, perfect body, beautiful face, and a pussy that loves big cocks.

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Sihanoukville Province Cambodia – Meet Theara

Cambodian teen Theara

Asian Sexy Diary visits Sihanoukville Province in Cambodia and meets beautiful Cambodian teen Theara


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John Tron has outdone himself this time.  He travels to Sihanoukville Province Cambodia and meets a beautiful new cumer on the beach.  Theara is a very sexy 18 year older who loves meeting foreigners.  He of course is one of those charmers, asking Theara to take a photo of her, telling her she’s beautiful, and then moving in for the kill.  Theara falls for it hook, line and sinker, and next thing you know, she is taking off her clothes in his hotel room and working his cock over like a professional.

If you are familiar with Asian Sex Diary or Filipina Sex Diary, this girl reminds me of Rebekkah.  Rebekkah was a 18 year old Angeles City teen, who had a hour glass body and large round breasts.  She was beautiful.  Theara is almost the same 18 year older, but Cambodian.  The great thing about Theara, is that she actually got into the sex, something Rebekkah did not do.

The scene ends with a warm cream pie in the pussy of Theara.  John signs his signature marker on her legs with her pussy split apart and then he’s off to his next conquest for pussy.  Theara is a keeper.  Beautiful, sensual and wild in the bed. She’s one of the best so far John’s ever fucked and filmed at Asian Sex Diary!

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The Latest Asian Sex Travel Website

Young Filipina amateur picked up by sex tourist for fun.

Young Filipina amateur picked up by sex tourist for fun.

If you haven’t seen the latest in Asian Sex Travel online, then you’ll have to check out Asian Sex Diary.   The site features various sex tourists fucking hot Asian hookers from all over.   If you’re used to Philippine and Thai porn, they have lots of scenes of escorts, amateurs and bar girls from these countries.  However, they go one step further, bringing you girls from Amsterdam, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other European and Asian countries where prostitution runs rampant.

It’s a nice break from the usual homely no action Philippine hooker that half heartedly fucks in front of the camera.  These girls may not be the lookers that are on other sites, but these little brown fucking machines love a cock inside them.

If you’re up for a change, check out a new website with lots of nasty Asian sex.   These sex travelers don’t seem to give a flying fuck about the girl, they just want their cocks inside them.

Asian Sex Diary – New Site – New Asian Girls

The makers of Trike Patrol and Filipina Sex Diary have extended their reach throughout Southeast Asia to bring some of the hottest Asian porn to the web.   Asian Sex Diary is a spin off of Filipina Sex Diary, a sex travel website that features Southeast Asian prostitutes performing hardcore XXX in front of the camera.   Instead of just Filipina bargirls and Thai hookers fucking, you now have Japanese prostitutes, Korean girls, Indonesian babes and Chinese girls fucking on video.   It’s a great site with updated content weekly.

The first content they’ve listed is rehashed content from their anchor site Filipina Sex Diary.   They featured this week some of the girls from the past they’ve fucked.  On the tours, they’ve added girls from Japan as well, showing the sex tourism in Japan is still hot and active.   I personally didn’t know you could pick up hookers in Japan in areas where brothels are legally run.  You’ll find all that action on Asian Sex Diary.

The video above is the first of many to come.  Check out all the action inside the

Asian Sex Diary