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Paying for University of Cebu Tuition

When girls are desperate in the Philippines, they often turn to the sex industry to bail them out.  After all, most of the girls in the Philippines are slender with decent bodies.  Why not sell yourself, as there is no overhead?   That’s what Jenny Mae decided to do when she fucked for www.Filipina18.com.

Met at a local club on Mactan Island, Cebu, Jenny Mae agreed to sex with a Pinoy on video.  She was pretty new to sex, only going with a couple of Japanese and Korean men to their hotels.   She was a bit shy, quiet, but still, had an incredible body, pussy and ass.   It was fun watching her transform into a hot little brown fucking machine as the scene goes on.

Girls like Jenny Mae are a dime a dozen, fleeing their provincial homes, to seek out the big cities, their bars and nightlife to put money in their pocket.   Being a bread winner in the family is a big deal in the Philippines, so being paid a few thousand peso’s to fuck is an easy way to make cash.   Jenny Mae gladly accepted, fucked and was paid.   You knew she’d be back for more in a few weeks.

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Filipina 18

Filipina Jane fucks for attention and money

This delicious Filipina hooker was ready, willing and able to not only fuck, but do it on video camera for next to nothing.   Picking her up was easy, and convincing her to fuck in front of the camera was even more easy.

Some Bargirls like Jane just get it.  They understand that if they fuck on camera and tell guys where they work, that guys will jump in line to be the next to fuck her for cash.  Being a pornstar even gives Jane the ability to make more money, as guys want to tap this, just like I did in this video.

Jane was by far one of the hottest and horniest bargirls I’ve ever met in Manila.  She worked at Bottoms Bar on P. Burgos Street.  She is by far, one of the most requested bargirls in the club, and to this day, makes good money fucking clientel looking for her at the club.   The Japanese guys love her slender body, and love the way she makes their cocks stand at attention.

What she really loves is the notority from being a pornstar.  She loves when guys drool over her in the club, barfine, and take her back to a nice hotel room to fuck all night long.  Her pussy doesn’t mind the action, and it is welcome to all shapes and sizes.

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