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Filipina Sex Diary – Veregit


Veregit is a sexy Angeles City, Philippine 21 year older who loves to fuck large foreign cocks.  She’s one of those silent types, that looks shy and harmless.  But when she gets into the bed with a large cock, she turns into a different animal.


John Tron found her walking along a side street off of Fields Avenue.  He asked her a few questions then invited her back to his hotel room for sexy pics.  She turned out to be a real hot fuck.  He bulbous pussy and her erotic and sensual demeanor made the scene.  John, as always leaves his dick inside of Veregit unprotected, and cums deep inside her.  Her’s a impregnating monster cock that loves to leave his mark.



Pussy and More Pussy – Filipino Style

When you meet up with twins in the Philippines it’s alot of fun.  First of all, each of them will be working every bit to try to get in your pants, while the other counters with her own attack of how to win over your heart.  What inevitably ends up happening is a threesome with TWINS.  That’s what happened when our foreign sex tourist John meets up with two bargirl sisters, who are actually twins.

Angeles City is too much fun for this sex traveller, as he pays each sister $100 US dollars to come back to his hotel room and fuck them both on camera.   Both agree, this is a good chance at some good money, and take up the offer.

When John is finished, both girls are rewarded with a shot of cum in their face, and a hundred dollars in their pockets.  

That’s twins for you, Filipino Style.

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Filipina Pussy – Week 2 – Filipina Sex Diary

When it comes down to hunting pussy in the Philippines, the German Sex Traveller seems to have it done to a science.  He finds some of the hottest and horniest Filipina pussy to fuck, and gets it all on video so his blog followers can view it.  The Filipina Sex Diary is a brand new website, updated weekly, with beautiful Filipina bargirls, coeds and girlfriends, fucking on video and loving every inch of it.

This week, week 2, our sex traveller is in Angeles City, Philippines, frequenting the bars and riding the lonely streets of AC to search down some hot Filipina pussy.  He finds a couple beauties this week in Ethel (18 YEARS OLD) and Nica (19 YEARS OLD).   They both give it up on video camera in some sensual cock loving porn videos.

Ethel is a beautiful Asian girl with a very sensual side to her.  She strokes our sex tourists hard white cock and sucks on it as any man would want his cock sucked.   Nica is a slender little lesbian whore, who only works the bars to make money.  However, she does just as well with cocks as she does with pussies, and makes sure our foreign sex traveller is very happy at the end of their midnight fuck session.

It’s fun to see the updates, as he finds new, hot, beautiful Filipina poongtang to pound.  You can view it all, udated weekly only at the:

First week of the sex tour included Filipina bargirl Kikai

In his first week in the Philippines, our foreign sex traveller has chronicled his first three conquests on his brand new porn blog called Filipina Sex Diary.   Marjorie, pictured above, was just one of the lovely young Filipina beauties he met. Kikai and Shiela are two other gorgeous hotties shown in the video below.

The first stop for this horny foreigner were the clubs and streets of Angeles City, Philippines.  His cock was hard and ready for just about anything that moved.   Angeles City has over 100 clubs, also known as A-GoGo Bars and Bikini Bars.

Kikai, his first girl to video tape, was a beautiful 18 year older, with a beautiful face, and a smile that could melt your heart.  She sucked and fucked like a professional, obviously learning from her experience in the clubs.

Marjorie, another hot 18 year old, was also from a club, and a bit more experienced than Kikai.  She loved working that cock over with her hot young pussy and made sure our foreign sex traveller was well taken care of.  He even claims to want to fuck this hottie again.

Shiela was a young 18 year old beauty with a tight young body, and a very shy girl.  However, like most of the girls at the clubs, they know that doing their job in bed, will put money in their pocket.  She sucked and fucked like a pro, and loved the hard 9 inches entering her tight little vagina.

Prior to our sex tourists flight to the Philippines, he met a wonderful young Pinay on webcam by the name of Anabel.  He gets to meet her, but she doesn’t let him fuck her.  She is playing hard to get, and our foreign sex hound, wants her pussy bad.  I’m sure you’ll see him fuck her in future videos of the Filipina Sex Diary.  Stay Tuned.

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Filipina Sex Diary – Rebecka – Incredible Young Bargirl

Rebecka was one of the hottest 18 year old Filipina girls I’ve ever fucked.  Not only did she have fantastic round young breasts, but she had a perfect ass and pussy that was ready for a hard foriegn cock to fit inside it. 
This horny little Asian teen was working at a gogo bar in downtown Angeles City, Philippines called Blue Nile Executive Club.  When I first met her, she gave me that smile, and sat down to have a drink with me to “chicka chicka”.  She cuddled right up to me on the couch in the back of the club. I could feel her fantastic D cup breasks rub against my side.  It was only a matter of moments, where I grabbed her face and laid a huge deep french kiss to her, right there in the club.  She obliged, and started to french kiss me back there, while putting her hand on my pants, rubbing my hard cock inside my jeans. 

I told the club manager or mamasan as they say in the Philippines, “I want this girl for a week”.  The barfine only cost me around 8000p, which was a little bit less than $200 US for the entire week.   We got back to the hotel room, maybe 30 minutes later, and I took her pants off, without shower and went down on that fantastic young pussy, while rubbing those huge tits until her nipples became erect.
Hours of french kissing and fucking lasted on into the night Rebecka was one of the more beautiful Filipina dolls I’ve ever met.  She fucked me hard all week long, and took care of every sexual need.   She agreed to fuck for my new site – a site featuring my sex travel experiences throughout the Philippines.   You have to see her sex video.  She is beautiful and one of the hottest girls to fuck on film.

Wonderful little bargirl by the name of Zen fucks on video

Zen is a beautiful 18 year old Filipina hottie with long hair and a slender young body.  This tiny Filipina loves foreign men and foreign cock.   She loves to be wined, dined, then taken back to the hotel room and shown a good time in bed.   Like most subserviant Filipina cuties, they love their men to be in control, and John takes command, making sure her pussy is fucked hard and long.

Zen is a sensual Filipina beauty, just one of many to be fucked during John’s Filipina Sex Diary.   He picks up beauties like Zen, then films them having sex.  He usually creampies his girl, making sure that his cum is deep inside.  He fucks every girl bareback, a brave man when fucking in the Philippines.   His dick will most likely fall off within a year.

Zen was paid, what she thought was alot of money, $100 to be in a sex video.    Filipina Sex Diary is the first to fuck her on film, and our sex tourist did very well, holding his cum shot as long as he could.  When you fuck a hottie like Zen, it’s hard not to cum quickly.

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